May 3, 2016 (Westborough MA) C.P Lauman Company, a well-known, Massachusetts caster, wheel, hand truck, and cargo control distributor is celebrating 75 years in business. Since 1941, C.P. Lauman Company has served businesses throughout the Northeast with an extensive selection of high quality products suitable for applications in industries like automotive, food and beverage, medical, textiles, entertainment, and many more.

Since their incorporation in 1941, C.P. Lauman Company has remained a family owned business, offering the rare opportunity to pass along valuable industry knowledge while updating the business as new technology and innovation changes customer demands and industry standards. Vice President, Ed Coutts recalls: “I’ve seen so many incredible changes throughout the years, and I know there will be more. It has been such a valuable opportunity to work with some of the same companies for several decades, while gaining new clients who work in industries that weren’t even around back then. We’ve stayed current by focusing on innovation and being careful to update our inventory as needed.”

C.P. Lauman Company has expanded their inventory throughout the past 75 years to include a wide variety of caster and wheels, machine leveling mounts, hand trucks, platform trucks, cargo control equipment, pallet jacks, floor savers, dollies, furniture pads, and related accessories. The diversification of the product lines they offer has given the company the chance to provide their clients with more of the products they require for their day to day operations. This choice to continue updating is integral to the company’s success, explains President, Heidi Alcock: “We are committed to providing our clients with the products they need, and we recognize that their needs continue to change. It’s our job to learn as much as we can about the industries we serve to ensure that our inventory fulfills their needs.”

After 75 years in business, the company is already preparing for the next 25. With a brand new website and several new additions to their product line, C.P. Lauman plans to continue exceeding the expectations of their current clients, while adapting their inventory to suit the needs of new clients in a wide range of industries. While much has changed in over the years, a few things remain constant. C.P. Lauman is committed to providing the highest level of product quality, customer service, and industry information. For more information on C.P. Lauman Company, visit