B&P Manufacturing

At C.P. Lauman, we’ve built our reputation by selling only the finest Aluminum Hand Trucks, Ramps and Dock Boards from the best brands in the industry like B&P Manufacturing. C.P.Lauman Company, is a master distributor of B&P hand trucks and all its parts, accessories including Liberator Convertible Truck, Snack Truck and Brake Truck. We’re recognized as one of the largest distributors of New England’s top supplier of casters, wheels, hand trucks, and cargo control equipment, and have been in business since 1941. Looking for specific B&P Manufacturing parts or hand trucks? Look no further, just contact C.P. Lauman and we’ll gladly help you find the product you need.

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Build Your Own: Customized B & P Hand Trucks

Build Your Own: Customized B & P Brake Trucks

At C.P. Lauman we are committed to providing you all the information you need to solve material handling challenges. Listed below is current B&P Manufacturing Catalog. 
click here to access a downloadable pdf OR click here to request a printed version of listed B&P Manufacturing Catalog.