Colson Moldon Polyurethane Aluminum Core Wheels 5.00005.931

Light-weight and ultra-durable, this wheel has a very high strength to weight ratio and is capable of long service under heavy loads.
Maroon color polyurethane is permanently bonded to the aluminum core.

Temperature range: -45°F to +180°F
Hardness: 95(±5)
Durometer Shore A Scale.
Finish: Aluminum


Wheel Diameter5 inch
Tread Width2 inch
Capacity1000 lbs
Bearing Bore (Inch)3/4
Hub Length2-3/16 inch
Bearing TypeDelrin
Spanner Bushing Bore Size (Inch)1/2
Spanning Bushing Length2-7/16 inch
Weight2-3/8 lbs
Wheel Bore Size - Less Bearing1-3/16 inch
Width/Tread Width2 inch
CategoryColson Moldon Polyurethane Aluminum Core Caster Wheels