Blickle HRLK Series Leveling Caster HRLK-ALTH-100k

The HRLK- Leveling Caster rig series with top plate fitting is available with ALTH 100 K wheels

Tread: High quality polyurethane-elastometer Blickle Extrathane®, 92° Shore A, light brown, with nonmaking, non-staining, cast tread.

Wheel center: Die-cast aluminum

Bearing type: Ball bearing


Wheel Diameter (mm)100
Wheel Width (mm)40
Load Capacity (kg)230
Total Height (mm)140
Max Total Height (mm)142
Plate Size (mm)100 X 85
Bolt Hole Spacing (mm)80 X 60
Offset (mm)65
Bearing TypeBall Bearing
Lifting Height (mm)2
CategoryLeveling Casters - HRLK Series