Albion V Groove Caster Wheel VF0650920

Wheel face and “V” grrove are machined from heavy duty cast iron. A relief groove at the base of the “V” tends to qualize the load to each face of the angle track when in operation. Wheel face and bore are machined for concentricity to proper tracking. These wheels can be used not only on track but flat surfaces as well. VL Wheels feature a larger bore for greater capacity.


MaterialForged Steel
Wheel Diameter6 inch
Tread Width3 inch
Width- Groove "A"1-3/8 inch
Capacity6500 lbs
Hub Length3-1/2 inch
Bearing I.D.1-1/4 inch
Bearing TypeTapered Roller
Bore I.D.2-7/16 inch
Weight19-3/4 lbs
Depth- Groove "B"11/16 inch
Width/Tread Width3 inch
CategoryV-Groove Caster Wheels