Liftkar® Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck Accessories

Liftkar® Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trucks is the World’s Most Advanced Stair Climbing Hand Truck!

For Faster, Safer deliveries on stairs, Reduces force needed to move loads up and down stairs. Decreases back injuries and lowers Worker’s Compensation costs.Lightweight aluminum construction and ergonomic design reduces user fatigue and increases driver retention. Curved-back frame for kegs and cylinders.

Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trucks help to reduce worker fatigue and the risk of injury, as well as reduce the number of employees needed to deliver cargo. Innovative edge-of-step sensor activates the brake when the truck approaches the next step, providing excellent load control while preventing the truck from accidentally rolling down the steps. Dual-speed control allows the truck to fit your working

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9300071" x 100" Strap$18.40
9300061" x 56"$17.75
930114Battery Holder with DC charger$311.00
930108Keg hook$140.00