Albion LT Series Floor Lock-Telescoping

Built with the same ease of use and precision as our standard floor locks, the telescoping floor lock offers greater retracted clearance for travelling over ramps and obstructions.
Top Plate: Steel matching regular caster tops for easy installation
Brake Shoe: Large, non-skid, molded rubber for solid, no-slip contact
Foot Pedal: Adjusted by slight foot pressure for simple, instant locking
Finish: Corrosion resistant zinc plate for long-use

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SELECT SKUCaster Wheel Diameter (Inch)For Use WithCaster Height (Inch)Retracted Clearance (Inch)Top Plate Size (Inch)Attaching Bolt Size (Inch)Weight (lbs)Price
90LT08818Albion Series 9010-1/23-1/85 x 7-1/41/26-3/4QUOTE
90LT08808Albion Series 909-1/23-1/85 x 7-1/41/26-3/4QUOTE
71LT08818Albion Series 7110-1/83-1/84 x 4-1/23/84-1/2QUOTE
71LT08808Albion Series 719-1/23-1/84 x 4-1/23/84-1/2QUOTE
62LT08818Albion Series 6210-1/83-1/44-1/2 x 6-1/41/24-3/4QUOTE
62LT08808Albion Series 629-1/24-3/44-1/2 x 6-1/41/24-3/4QUOTE
16LT08808Albion Series 169-1/23-1/44 x 4-1/23/84-1/4QUOTE
12LT08808Albion Series 129-1/23-1/45 x 5-1/23/85.0QUOTE