Albion Polyurethane Caster Wheels PA/PD/PM Series

Composed of a polyurethane elastomer, open cast or injection molded, on clean, close tolerance cores. High capacity Polyurethane tread is chemically bonded to aluminum core. High capacity polyurethane protects floors, is non-marking and delivers quieter operation than standard metal wheels. PA wheels features cast aluminum core, PD wheels feature die cast aluminum core. PM round tread models feature a chemical and mechanical lock of tread to the core.
Capacity up to 7500 lbs.

Hardness: PA 95 Shore A, PD 60 Shore D, PM 99 Shore A
Finish: Green tread on aluminum core
Temperature Range: -40◦ F to ±180 ◦ F

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SELECT SKUWheel Diameter (Inch)Tread Width (Inch)Capacity (lbs)Hub Length (Inch)Bearing I.D. (Inch)Bearing TypePrice
PD041011041 1/26001-5/85/8Straight RollerQUOTE
PD041011241 1/26001-5/83/4Straight RollerQUOTE
PD041010841 1/26001-5/81/2Straight RollerQUOTE
PA045011643 1/412003-1/41Straight RollerQUOTE
PA045012043 1/412003-1/41-1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
PA047012044 1/416004-1/41-1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
PA047011644 1/416004-1/41Straight RollerQUOTE
PD0420110427002-3/165/8Straight RollerQUOTE
PD0420112427002-3/163/4Straight RollerQUOTE
PD0420108427002-3/161/2Straight RollerQUOTE
PD051011251 1/27201-5/83/4Straight RollerQUOTE
PD051011051 1/27201-5/85/8Straight RollerQUOTE
PD051010851 1/27201-5/81/2Straight RollerQUOTE
PD05201085210502-3/161/2Straight RollerQUOTE
PD05201125210502-3/163/4Straight RollerQUOTE
PD05201105210502-3/165/8Straight RollerQUOTE
PD06201086212302-3/161/2Straight RollerQUOTE
PM06228086212502-3/161/2Precision BallQUOTE
PD06201126212302-3/163/4Straight RollerQUOTE
PD06201106212302-3/165/8Straight RollerQUOTE
PD08201128215002-3/163/4Straight RollerQUOTE
PD08201088215002-3/161/2Straight RollerQUOTE
PD08201108215002-3/165/8Straight RollerQUOTE
PM08228088215002-3/161/2Precision BallQUOTE
PA129092012675006-1/21-1/4Tapered RollerQUOTE