Aluminum Dock Boards

Durable Dock Boards that You Can Trust
Aluminum dock boards offer 4″ high steel bolt-on curbs and are available in 10,000lb. and 15,000 lb. capacities. Customers can add optional heavy duty lift chains which allow for forklift moving of dock boards.

• Lightweight aluminum deck with safety tread plate surface
• Beveled edges provide smooth entry and exit.
• Engineered bend keeps the edges of the dock board flush with both dock and truck
• Heavy duty steel bolt-on legs can be reversed for refrigerated applications
• Heavy duty bolt on steel curbs.

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SELECT SKUSize (W x L) (Inch)Capacity (lbs)Leg Length (Inch)Max. Height Difference (Inch)Thickness (Inch)Weight (lbs)Price
ADS10-486048 x 601000012103/8189$1,017.15
ADS10-484848 x 4810000973/8151$801.15
ADS10-483648 x 3610000753/8115$653.05
ADS10-607260 x 721000018123/8261$1,317.70
ADS10-606060 x 601000012103/8211$1,012.85
ADS10-604860 x 4810000973/8169$807.70
ADS10-603660 x 3610000753/8126$664.40
ADS10-726072 x 601000012103/8237$1,119.60
ADS10-724872 x 4810000973/8190$989.80
ADS10-723672 x 3610000753/8174$759.90
ADS15-483648 x 3615000751/2136$772.55
ADS15-484848 x 4815000971/2180$914.60
ADS15-486048 x 601500012101/2225$1,107.25
ADS15-607260 x 721500018121/2314$1,909.40
ADS15-606060 x 601500012101/2255$1,218.55
ADS15-604860 x 4815000971/2204$996.60
ADS15-603660 x 3615000751/2153$849.15
ADS15-726072 x 601500012101/2322$1,635.70
ADS15-724872 x 4815000971/2255$1,169.55
ADS15-723672 x 3615000751/2193$979.30
ADS15-786078 x 601500012101/2297$1,656.25
ADS15-784878 x 4815000971/2238$1,361.35
ADS15-783678 x 3615000751/2178$1,049.60
ADS15-787278 x 721500018121/2357$1,976.40