B&P Liberator Convertible Hand Truck Components

Once you’ve selected your B&P Liberator convertible hand trucks, for your company, it’s the perfect time to stock up on the integral hand truck parts that will keep them in optimal condition for years to come. B&P Liberator Convertible hand trucks improve the efficiency of everyday operations. When you choose C.P Lauman, you can access an extensive variety of hand truck parts like handles, frames, nose blades, and wheels. B&P Liberator Convertible hand truck components are manufactured with the same attention to detail as the other B&P products you trust, giving you the confidence that comes from choosing products from one of the most trusted hand truck manufacturers in the industry.

B&P Liberator Convertible Hand Truck Parts

The B&P Liberator Convertible Hand Truck offers the versatility you need. Your choice of B&P products demonstrates that you understand the importance of reliable equipment and components. Selecting hand truck accessories from a reputable brand like B&P is the only way to guarantee seamless operations without the constant worry of damage and replacement that comes with purchasing from lower quality brands. Here at C.P Lauman, we work tirelessly to maintain an inventory of high-quality hand truck parts, accessories, and components designed to interface seamlessly with your B&P Liberator Convertible hand trucks.

Parts that Perform and Last

For more than 7 decades since our incorporation, we have constantly worked to improve the way we serve businesses throughout the Northeast. Since 1941 we have been privileged enough to work with companies in nearly every industry. Our more than 75 years of experience have allowed us to constantly learn about the latest innovations in our industry, while motivating us to become experts about the products we offer. At C.P Lauman, our mission is simple; we promise to provide every customer with the best experience, while informing them about the products they require. Contact us today to get started!

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SELECT SKUDescriptionPrice
8021-003#25 Swivel caster w/brake$24.20
2002-199#4 Crossover tube w/brackets$24.00
2002-162#15 Standard Junior Double Grip Handle Swing Arm$51.70
2002-144#2 Standard Frame$53.85
8055-006# 26 Nylock Jam Nut$0.05
8021-002#25 Swivel Caster $19.90
2002-215#24 Special Spacer (For Lock Bar/Casters) (2 required)$3.05
2002-214#23 Special Bolt (For Lock Bar/Casters) (2 required)$4.25
2002-125#22 Lock bar assembly with brackets$12.15
8017-003#21 Black Vinyl Rubber Hand Grip$1.65
2002-213#18 Senior Swing Arm Stop Plate$1.25
2002-762#17 Standard Senior Swing Arm$29.40
2002-160#14 Standard Senior Swing Arm with Stop Plates$34.45
2002-A13#12 A1 Loop Handle$15.45
2002-793#10 Spacer, Lock Latch$1.85
2002-140#9 LOCK/LATCH ASSEMBLY$46.65
2002-794#8 Filler/Backer Plate Swivel Brackets $1.85
2002-795#7 Spacer, Swivel Brackets $2.30
2002-208#6 Slide/Swivel Tube $10.80
2002-151#5 Crossover Tube Only with Vinyl Sleeve$11.30
2002-733#3 Stiffener Channel$3.55
2002-143#2 High Capacity Frame with Extra X-Members-Senior$68.45
2002-142#2 High Capacity Frame with Extra X-Members - Junior$54.15