B&P Brake Trucks

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Whether moving is a crucial part of your business, or just another part of your day to day operations, having a brake truck you can count on is nothing short of necessary for safety and efficiency. B&P disc and tread braking trucks stop your hand truck safely and effectively, giving you peace of mind. Known as the industry’s most reliable and best-performing brake systems, no other product can come close to the performance of a B&P brake truck.

You Can Trust B&P Brake Trucks

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to stock up on high-quality brake trucks to ensure safe and efficient operations. Here at C.P Lauman, we stock our inventory with the highest quality motion technology products by the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, like B&P. When it comes to cargo equipment like hand trucks and brake trucks there’s no better manufacturer than B&P. B&P leads the industry in the production of reliable and sturdy brake trucks with varying weight capacities and unique traits which make them ideal for numerous industries and applications.

Our History of Reliability
For more than 75 years of serving New England’s businesses, we have had the valuable opportunity to work with companies of all sizes, in nearly every industry. We’ve earned a reputation of reliability as a distributor of motion technology products including brake trucks, hand trucks, leveling mounts, casters, wheels, and more. When you choose to work with C.P. Lauman, you’ll have unlimited access to our fully stocked and highly customizable inventory as well as a wealth of industry expertise from our helpful product specialists.

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