Save-A-Load SL-31 (ACS30-ZR) Parts

The ONLY heavy duty hydraulic Load bar in the industry.

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• The Hydraulic System is pressure limited and cannot damage your trailers
• The ONLY heavy duty hydraulic Load bar in the industry.
• The Hydraulic System is designed to operate in any environment (-35ºF to 160ºF)
• The Hydraulic System Contains FDA approved Bio-Safe fluid
• Safe to Use
• Adjusts from 83″ to 114″
• Can be used vertically or horizontally
• Only 8.8 lbs
• Assembly as easy as 1-2-3

hp11c-black-full-centered1Add extra cargo securing area to your Save-A-Load Bar with our structurally engineered dual hoops. Made of high strength square aluminum, two size available and both are easy to attach with supplied hardware.

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SELECT SKUSKU-OldShipping Weight (lb)DescriptionPrice
080-A091A0910.25Roll Pin for Foot Assembly$0.20
080-R087RR087R0.5Hoop Elbow Replacement Kit$2.70
080-RHP21RHP210.5Hoop Cross Member$6.15
080-R088RR088R0.5Hoop Tee Replacement Kit$3.10
080-RHP20RHP200.5Hoop Side Member$16.90
080-A107A1070.25Roll Pin for Main Tube$0.25
080-R080R0800.5Hoop Hardware Kit$7.25
080-A145A1450.25Screw For Pump Handle Bracket$0.25
080-R091R0912Hydraulic Unit$29.50
080-R131R1310.5Pump Handle, Pin and Bracket for Save-A-Load Bar$5.40
080-A151A1510.25Snap Button$1.00
080-R045RR045R2Extension Tube With Articulating Foot$25.30
080-PRDGPRDG1Power Rod with End Guides$5.40
080-R020R0200.5 End Guide$1.50
080-R100R1005 Main tube for Save-A-Load Bar$37.60
080-R070R0700.5Fixed Foot Assembly$8.45
080-R111R1112Power Tube and Power Rod with Articulating Foot$21.50
080-R060RR060R0.5 Articulating Foot Assembly$8.45
080-H113H1130.25Cover for Release Button - Save-A-Load Bar$1.15
080-R010R0100.25Covered Release Button for Save-A-Load Bar  $2.20