Caster Accessories

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Caster accessories allow you to customize casters to the specific requirements of your application. At C.P. Lauman, in addition to our extensive selection of casters and wheels, we offer high quality floor locks, bumpers, and leveling jacks – the most popular caster accessories, suitable for applications in every industry. No matter which type of caster accessory you’re shopping for, C.P. Lauman has several varieties for you to choose from. If you’re looking for floor locks, we offer the most popular models from both Albion and Colson. If you require bumpers, we offer 3 different types by Colson, and if you’re interested in leveling jacks, we offer numerous customization options for the high quality Albion leveling jacks we sell.

Order Custom Caster Accessories from C.P. Lauman
No matter which type of caster accessory you’re shopping for, C.P. Lauman has a selection which will allow you to choose the ideal option for your unique needs. Purchasing caster accessories allows you unmatched versatility, removing the limits of standard casters and providing the ability to update and tailor equipment to your changing requirements. To order, choose from the provided options, then when applicable, customize using the convenient drop down menus. If you aren’t sure which caster accessories to have on hand for your industry, or you aren’t confident that your choice will suit the requirements of your application, simply contact us and we will help you place your order.

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