Colson Corner/Continuous Bumpers

Grey corner bumpers with matching strip bumpers provide 100% protection to the full perimeter of equipment. Strip bumpers are made with flat steel inserts for permanent attachment. Inserts in strip bumpers are not predrilled. They can be easily cut to size with a hacksaw and drilled as needed.

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SELECT SKUWidth (Inch)InsertLengthThickness (Inch)Mounting HolesPrice
669133/4without InsertSpecify (50ft. Inc.)5/8N/AQUOTE
9.69133/4with InsertSpecify (20ft. Max., 1ft. Inc.)5/8N/AQUOTE
69053/4with Insert Pre-drilled2-1/2 inch each side3/42 (1/8 Inch) each sideQUOTE
669141-1/8without InsertSpecify (50ft. Inc.)1N/AQUOTE
9.69141-1/8with InsertSpecify (16ft. Max., 1ft. Inc.)1N/AQUOTE
69061-1/8with Insert2-5/8 inch each side12 (13/64 Inch) each sideQUOTE
669301-1/2without InsertSpecify (50ft. inc.)1N/AQUOTE
9.69301-1/2with InsertSpecify (16ft. Max., 1ft. Inc.)1N/AQUOTE
69261-1/2with Insert Pre-drilled6-3/16 inch (Long Side), 3-1/16 inch (Short Side)1-1/8 to 1-3/42 (17/64 Inch) in 6 Inch side, 1 (17/64 Inch) in 3 Inch sideQUOTE