Albion LF Series Floor Lock-Standard

Designed to hold portable equipment in a desired location. Intended for use on level surfaces. Floor lock is activated by toe pressure on the extension pedal or released by toe touching one of the dual retractable plates.
The large non-skid brake pad, under high spring compression, holds the portable piece of equipment until released. For best results, units should be used in pairs.

Top Plate: Steel matching regular caster tops for easy installation
Brake Shoe: Large, non-skid, molded rubber for solid, no-slip contact
Foot Pedal: Adjusted by slight foot pressure for simple, instant locking
Finish: Corrosion resist

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SELECT SKUFor Use WithWheel Size (Inch)Caster Height (Inch)Clearance (Inch)Attaching Bolt Size (Inch)Top Plate Size (Inch)Weight (lbs)Price
90LF0880Albion Series 90810-1/211/25 x 7-1/46.5QUOTE
90LF0680Albion Series 906811/25 x 7-1/46.0QUOTE
62LF0880Albion Series 63|Albion Series 72|Albion Series 81|Albion Series 62810-1/811/24-1/2 x 6-1/44-1/2QUOTE
62LF0680Albion Series 63|Albion Series 72|Albion Series 81|Albion Series 6267-1/211/24-1/2 x 6-1/44-1/4QUOTE
62LF0580Albion Series 63|Albion Series 72|Albion Series 81|Albion Series 6256-1/211/24-1/2 x 6-1/44-1/4QUOTE
62LF0480Albion Series 63|Albion Series 72|Albion Series 81|Albion Series 6245-5/89/161/24-1/2 x 6-1/44.0QUOTE
12LF0880Albion Series 12|Albion Series 6189-1/213/85 x 5-1/24-3/4QUOTE
12LF0680Albion Series 12|Albion Series 6167-3/813/85 x 5-1/24-1/4QUOTE
12LF0580Albion Series 12|Albion Series 6156-1/213/85 x 5-1/24-1/4QUOTE
12LF0480Albion Series 12|Albion Series 6145-5/89/163/85 x 5-1/24.0QUOTE
71LF0880Albion Series 71810-1/83/43/84 x 4-1/24-1/2QUOTE
16LF0880Albion Series 1689-1/23/43/84 x 4-1/24.0QUOTE
71LF0680Albion Series 7167-1/23/43/84 x 4-1/23-3/4QUOTE
16LF0680Albion Series 1667-1/43/43/84 x 4-1/23-1/2QUOTE
16LF0580Albion Series 16|Albion Series 7156-1/23/43/84 x 4-1/23-1/2QUOTE
16LF0480Albion Series 16|Albion Series 7145-5/83/43/84 x 4-1/23-1/4QUOTE