Caster Wheels from Top Manufacturers

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Here at C.P. Lauman, we have built a reputation as New England’s most reliable supplier of casters  and caster wheels the Northeast. In our 75 years in the industry, we’ve built lasting relationships with clients in a wide range of industries, providing top quality products and a wealth of industry expertise. We are proud to source our caster wheels, casters, and cargo equipment from dozens of the best manufacturers in the world, allowing us to serve our customers with the widest selection of products. Our selection of caster wheels includes an extensive variety of custom and specialty options, designed for the unique requirements of unique applications in New England’s most important industries. From cast iron caster wheels  to polyurethane caster wheels, soft rubber caster wheels, and thousands of other varieties, C.P Lauman has the caster wheels you’re looking for, from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

Caster Wheels from the Manufacturers You Trust
With more than 7 decades in the industry, we’ve heard the same story hundreds of times. Clients come to us having previously ordered their caster wheels from low quality, overseas suppliers who sold them low quality products. When you choose C.P Lauman, you can count on our curated inventory of products from the world’s top caster wheel manufacturers. We’ve earned and maintained the trust of our valued customers by providing them with an unmatched selection and helpful product knowledge to match. No matter industry you work in, or the specific requirements of your application, C.P Lauman can help guide you to the optimal caster wheel choice for your needs. Often we hear the same frustration; companies are sick of placing multiple orders for the caster wheels they need from different manufacturers. At C.P. Lauman, we make it easy, so you can get your Albion caster wheels, Darcor caster wheels, Colson caster wheels, as well as any other caster wheels you might need from your favorite manufacturers!

We’re Proud to Serve Your Industry
New clients are often concerned that we won’t carry the caster wheels required for their unique industry or application. At C.P Lauman, you never have to worry about whether we’ll have what you need. For close to 80 years we have made it our mission to provide a wide variety, accommodating New England’s most prominent industries with the caster wheels needed for thousands of standard and specialty applications. If you’re not sure if we have the caster wheel you need, please contact us and we will be happy to help. We take the time to learn about your unique needs and specifications. While we’re always ready for a new challenge, we have expertise and years of experience providing custom caster wheels to industries like Automotive, Bakeries, Beverage, Sheet Metal Fabricators Entertainment, Fisheries, Food Processing, Freight Carriers, Hospitals, Textile, Laundries, Institutional and more!


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