Albion 290 Series Standard Dual Wheel Casters

Top Plate Size: 5-1/4″ x 7-1/4″  Bolt Hole: 3-3/8″ x 5-1/4″ slotted 4-1/8″ x 6-1/8″

Designed for greater capacity and better distribution of floor load with lowest possible overall height. These casters have differential action when changing direction, thus greatly reducing the scrubbing effect resulting from use of wide faced, small diameter wheels.

Note: For swivel caster add ‘S’ to the end of the part number. For rigid castor add ‘R’ to the end of the part number.

*Additional Bearing Options*

To select one of the additional bearings, replace the 9th digit(s) with the desired bearing identification number. (Example: 290CA08401 or 290CA08428).

Straight Roller: 01

Precision Ball: 28


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SELECT SKUMaterialWheel Diameter (Inch)Tread Width (Inch)Load Capacity (lbs)Overall Height (Inch)Swivel Radius (Inch)Wheel Bearing TypePrice
290CA06405Cast Iron62 1/2350082 1/4Roller BearingQUOTE
290TM06405Phenolic62 1/2320082 1/4Roller BearingQUOTE
290PY06405Polyurethane/Iron62 1/2324082 1/4Roller BearingQUOTE
290MR06405Mold-on Rubber/Iron62 1/2108082 1/4Roller BearingQUOTE
290TM08405Phenolic82 1/2350010 1/22 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290PY08405Polyurethane/Iron82 1/2350010 1/22 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290MR08405Mold-on Rubber/Iron82 1/2134010 1/22 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290CA08405Cast Iron82 1/2350010 1/22 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290MR10405Mold-on Rubber/Iron102 1/2158012 1/22 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290TM10405Phenolic102 1/2350012 1/22 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290CA10405Cast Iron102 1/2350012 1/22 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290PY10405Polyurethane/Iron102 1/2350012 1/22 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290TM12405Phenolic122 1/23500142 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290PY12405Polyurethane/Iron122 1/23500142 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290MR12405Mold-on Rubber/Iron122 1/21800142 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE
290CA12405Cast Iron122 1/23500142 1/2Roller BearingQUOTE