Albion 71 Series Heavy Duty Casters

Top Plate Size: 4″ x 5″  Bolt Hole: 3″ x 3″ slotted: 2-5/8″ x 3-5/8″

Heavy duty forged steel for extended life and rugged applications

Note: For swivel caster add ‘S’ to the end of the part number. For rigid castor add ‘R’ to the end of the part number.

Brake Options:

Cam Brake (CB71)

Single Side Brake (SSB71) or Double Sided Brake (DSB71)

Face Brake (FBB)

Poly Cam Brake (P)

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SELECT SKUMaterialWheel Diameter (Inch)Tread Width (Inch)Load Capacity (lbs)Overall Height (Inch)Swivel Lead (Inch)Wheel Bearing TypePrice
71PY03201Polyurethane/Iron3 1/42 3/164205 1/41 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71TM03201Phenolic3 1/427005 1/41 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71NG03201Maxim3 1/427005 1/41 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71CA03201Cast Iron3 1/427005 1/41 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71CA04201Cast Iron41 7/810005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71FS04101Drop Forged41 1/214005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71PD04201Polyurethane/Aluminum427005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71NG04201Maxim428005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71XP04201X-treme4214005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71TM04201Phenolic428005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71XA04201Poly on Polypropylene426005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71MR04201Mold-on Rubber/Iron423005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71MD04201Mold-on Rubber/Aluminum424005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71XS04201X-tra Soft Rubber424005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71CH05201Cast Iron (Heavy Duty)51 1/215006 1/21 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
71FS05201Drop Forged51 1/215006 1/21 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
71CA05201Cast Iron51 1/213006 1/21 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
71PD05201Polyurethane/Aluminum5210506 1/21 13/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71XP05201X-treme5212006 1/21 13/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71TM05201Phenolic5210006 1/21 13/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71XS05201X-tra Soft Rubber525006 1/21 13/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71MD05201Mold-on Rubber/Aluminum525006 1/21 13/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71MR05201Mold-on Rubber/Iron524506 1/21 13/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71XA05201Poly on Polypropylene527506 1/21 13/16Straight RollerQUOTE
71CA06201Cast Iron61 7/814007 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71MD06201Mold-on Rubber/Aluminum625507 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71PD06201Polyurethane/Aluminum6212307 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71PM06228Polyurethane (Round Tread)6212507 1/22 1/4Precision BallQUOTE
71XP06201X-treme6214007 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71FS06201Drop Forged6215007 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71NG06201Maxim6212007 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71CH06201Cast Iron (Heavy Duty)6215007 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71MR06201Mold-on Rubber/Iron625007 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71TM06201Phenolic6212007 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71XR06201X-tra Soft Round Tread624507 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71XS06201X-tra Soft Rubber626007 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71XA06201Poly on Polypropylene629007 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71CA08201Cast Iron82150010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71NG08201Maxim82140010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71NY08228Trionix82150010 1/82 1/4Precision BallQUOTE
71TM08201Phenolic82140010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71PM08228Polyurethane (Round Tread)82150010 1/82 1/4Precision BallQUOTE
71PD08201Polyurethane/Aluminum82150010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71XR08201X-tra Soft Round Tread8260010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71CH08201Cast Iron (Heavy Duty)82150010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71MD08201Mold-on Rubber/Aluminum8260010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71MR08201Mold-on Rubber/Iron8260010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71XS08201X-tra Soft Rubber8267510 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
71XA08201Poly on Polypropylene82100010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE