Albion 81 Series Heavy Duty Casters

Top Plate Size: 4-1/2″ x 6-1/4″  Bolt Hole: 3-3/8″ x 5-1/4″ slotted: 2-7/16″ x 4-15/16″

The 81 series is hot forged and recommended for the heaviest manually moved loads or for medium duty power drawn equipment. Consult factory for all power drawn applications.

Note: For swivel caster add ‘S’ to the end of the part number. For rigid castor add ‘R’ to the end of the part number.

Brake Options:

Poly Cam Brake (P)


Single Side Brake (SSB81) or Double Sided Brake (DSB81)


Face Contact Brake (F)


Wrap Around Brake (WB81)


Face Brake (FBB)


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SELECT SKUMaterialWheel Diameter (Inch)Tread Width (Inch)Load Capacity (lbs)Overall Height (Inch)Swivel Lead (Inch)Wheel Bearing TypePrice
81PY03501Polyurethane/Iron3 1/43 1/48505 1/82Straight RollerQUOTE
81PA04501Polyurethane/Aluminum43 1/412005 1/22Straight RollerQUOTE
81CA04501Cast Iron4320005 1/22Straight RollerQUOTE
81CA05401Cast Iron52 1/220006 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
81PY05401Polyurethane/Iron52 1/213006 1/22 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
81FS06401Drop Forged62 1/220007 5/81 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81PY06401Polyurethane/Iron62 1/216007 5/81 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81CA06401Cast Iron62 1/220007 5/81 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81TM06401Phenolic62 1/216007 5/81 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81MR06401Mold-on Rubber/Iron62 1/27007 5/83Straight RollerQUOTE
81PX06501Thick Tread Polyurethane6320007 5/81 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81TM06501Phenolic6320007 5/81 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81PY06501Polyurethane/Iron6320007 5/81 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81MR06501Mold-on Rubber/Iron637507 5/83Straight RollerQUOTE
81XP08428X-treme82 1/2200010 1/82 1/4Precision BallQUOTE
81TM08401Phenolic82 1/2200010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
81MR08401Mold-on Rubber/Iron82 1/285010 1/83Straight RollerQUOTE
81PY08401Polyurethane/Iron82 1/2200010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
81MR08501Mold-on Rubber/Iron8390010 1/83Straight RollerQUOTE
81CA08501Cast Iron83200010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
81PX08501Thick Tread Polyurethane83200010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
81PY08501Polyurethane/Iron83200010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
81XP08528X-treme83200010 1/82 1/4Precision BallQUOTE
81TM08501Phenolic83200010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
81FS08501Drop Forged83200010 1/82 1/4Straight RollerQUOTE
81XP10428X-treme102 1/2200011 1/22 1/2Precision BallQUOTE
81MR10401Mold-on Rubber/Iron102 1/295011 1/23 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81XP10528X-treme103200011 1/22 1/2Precision BallQUOTE
81PX10501Thick Tread Polyurethane103200011 1/22 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81PY10501Polyurethane/Iron103200011 1/22 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81MR10501Mold-on Rubber/Iron103100011 1/23 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81CA10501Cast Iron103200011 1/22 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81TM10501Phenolic103200011 1/22 1/2Straight RollerQUOTE
81PY12401Polyurethane/Iron122 1/2200013 1/23Straight RollerQUOTE
81PY12501Polyurethane/Iron123200013 1/23Straight RollerQUOTE
81TM12501Phenolic123200013 1/23Straight RollerQUOTE
81MR12501Mold-on Rubber/Iron123120013 1/23Straight RollerQUOTE
81PX12501Thick Tread Polyurethane123200013 1/23Straight RollerQUOTE