Albion 02 Series Institutional Casters

Top Plate Size: 2-1/2″ x 3-5/8″  Bolt Hole: 1-3/4″ x 3-1/16″ slotted: 1-3/4″ x 2-13/16″

Easy rolling, double ball bearing casters are ideally suited for operations where smooth rolling, highly maneuverable and economical caster is required. Heat treated design delivers extended life and performance.

Note: For swivel caster add ‘S’ to the end of the part number. For rigid castor add ‘R’ to the end of the part number.

Brake Options

Grip Lock Brake (GL)

Face Contact Brake (F)

Total Lock Brake (T)

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SELECT SKUMaterialWheel Diameter (Inch)Tread Width (Inch)Load Capacity (lbs)Overall Height (Inch)Wheel Bearing TypeSwivel Radius (Inch)Price
02XS03X31X-tra Soft Rubber3 1/21 1/42504 11/16Annular Ball1 1/4QUOTE
02XS03X51X-tra Soft Rubber3 1/21 1/42504 11/16Delrin1 1/4QUOTE
02RR03X41Soft Rubber3 1/21 1/41504 11/16Plain1 1/4QUOTE
02CA03X41Cast Iron3 1/21 1/42504 11/16Plain1 1/4QUOTE
02RN03X41Hard Rubber3 1/21 1/43504 11/16Plain1 1/4QUOTE
02TM03X41Phenolic3 1/21 1/43504 11/16Plain1 1/4QUOTE
02TM03X01Phenolic3 1/21 1/43504 11/16Straight Roller1 1/4QUOTE
02XA03X51Polyurethane/Polypropylene3 1/21 1/43504 11/16Delrin1 1/4QUOTE
02XA03X31Polyurethane/Polypropylene3 1/21 1/43504 11/16Annular Ball1 1/4QUOTE
02TM03041Phenolic31 1/43504 1/4Plain1 5/16QUOTE
02TM03001Phenolic31 1/43504 1/4Straight Roller1 5/16QUOTE
02XA03051Polyurethane/Polypropylene31 1/43004 1/4Delrin1 5/16QUOTE
02XS03031X-tra Soft Rubber31 1/42004 1/4Annular Ball1 5/16QUOTE
02XS03051X-tra Soft Rubber31 1/42004 1/4Delrin1 5/16QUOTE
02RR03041Soft Rubber31 1/41254 1/4Plain1 5/16QUOTE
02RR03001Soft Rubber31 1/41254 1/4Straight Roller1 5/16QUOTE
02PB03041Polypropylene31 1/42504 1/4Plain1 5/16QUOTE
02PB03051Polypropylene31 1/42504 1/4Delrin1 5/16QUOTE
02XA03031Polyurethane/Polypropylene31 1/43004 1/4Annular Ball1 5/16QUOTE
02RN03041Hard Rubber31 1/43004 1/4Plain1 5/16QUOTE
02CA03041Cast Iron31 1/42004 1/4Plain1 5/16QUOTE
02CA03001Cast Iron31 1/42004 1/4Straight Roller1 5/16QUOTE
02CA03028Cast Iron31 1/42004 1/4Precision Ball 1 5/16QUOTE
02RR04001Soft Rubber41 1/41505 1/8Straight Roller1 1/4QUOTE
02RR04041Soft Rubber41 1/41505 1/8Plain1 1/4QUOTE
02XS04051X-tra Soft Rubber41 1/43005 1/8Delrin1 1/4QUOTE
02RN04041Hard Rubber41 1/43505 1/8Plain1 1/4QUOTE
02XA04031Polyurethane/Polypropylene41 1/43505 1/8Annular Ball1 1/4QUOTE
02TM04001Phenolic41 1/43505 1/8Straight Roller1 1/4QUOTE
02TM04041Phenolic41 1/43505 1/8Plain1 1/4QUOTE
02CA04041Cast Iron41 1/43005 1/8Plain1 1/4QUOTE
02XA04051Polyurethane/Polypropylene41 1/43505 1/8Delrin1 1/4QUOTE
02CA04001Cast Iron41 1/43005 1/8Straight Roller1 1/4QUOTE
02XS04031X-tra Soft Rubber41 1/43005 1/8Annular Ball1 1/4QUOTE
02PB04041Polypropylene41 1/43505 1/8Plain1 1/4QUOTE
02PB04051Polypropylene41 1/43505 1/8Delrin1 1/4QUOTE
02RN05041Hard Rubber51 1/43506 3/16Plain1 1/2QUOTE
02CA05041Cast Iron51 1/43256 3/16Plain1 1/2QUOTE
02XA05031Polyurethane/Polypropylene51 1/43506 3/16Annular Ball1 1/2QUOTE
02TM05041Phenolic51 1/43506 3/16Plain1 1/2QUOTE
02CA05001Cast Iron51 1/43256 3/16Straight Roller1 1/2QUOTE
02TM05001Phenolic51 1/43506 3/16Straight Roller1 1/2QUOTE
02XA05051Polyurethane/Polypropylene51 1/43506 3/16Delrin1 1/2QUOTE
02RR05001Soft Rubber51 1/41756 3/16Straight Roller1 1/2QUOTE
02RR05041Soft Rubber51 1/41756 3/16Plain1 1/2QUOTE
02XS05051X-tra Soft Rubber51 1/43256 3/16Delrin1 1/2QUOTE
02XS05031X-tra Soft Rubber51 1/43256 3/16Annular Ball1 1/2QUOTE
02PB05051Polypropylene51 1/43506 3/16Delrin1 1/2QUOTE
02PB05041Polypropylene51 1/43506 3/16Plain1 1/2QUOTE
02RN06041Hard Rubber61 1/43507 1/4Plain1 1/2QUOTE