Albion 5 Series Medium Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Casters

Top Plate Size: 4″ x 4-1/2″  Bolt Hole: 2-5/8″ x 3″ slotted: 3″ x 3-5/8″

This caster is the ideal solution for applications where frequent washdowns are necessary. The 05 caster is also well suited for applications exposed to cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions, or other corrosive agents which could cause rust.

Note: For swivel caster add ‘S’ to the end of the part number. For rigid castor add ‘R’ to the end of the part number.

Brake Options

Stainless Steel Cam (CB)


Face Brake (FBD)


Swivel Lock (welded) (L)


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SELECT SKUMaterialWheel Diameter (Inch)Tread Width (Inch)Load Capacity (lbs)Overall Height (Inch)Swivel Radius (Inch)Wheel Bearing TypePrice
05TM04201Phenolic (Standard)428005 5/81 7/16Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05TM04251Phenolic (Standard)428005 5/81 7/16DelrinQUOTE
05HT04201Hi-Temp Nylon428005 5/81 7/16Straight RollerQUOTE
05TH04251Phenolic (Straight Sided)428005 5/81 7/16DelrinQUOTE
05TH04201Phenolic (Straight Sided)428005 5/81 7/16Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XP04251X-treme Plus Solid Polyurethane4212005 5/81 7/16DelrinQUOTE
05XI04201X-treme Solid Polyurethane4210005 5/81 7/16Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XI04251X-treme Solid Polyurethane4210005 5/81 7/16DelrinQUOTE
05NG04201Maxim428005 5/81 7/16Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XP04201X-treme Plus Solid Polyurethane4212005 5/81 7/16Stainless Steel Roller QUOTE
05PB04251Polypropylene424505 5/81 7/16DelrinQUOTE
05XS04201X-tra Soft Rubber (Flat Tread)424005 5/81 7/16Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05NG04251Maxim428005 5/81 7/16DelrinQUOTE
05PB04201Polypropylene424505 5/81 7/16Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XS04251X-tra Soft Rubber (Flat Tread)424005 5/81 7/16DelrinQUOTE
05XA04201Polyurethane/Polypropylene426005 5/81 7/16Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05RW04241Hi-Temp Polypropylene425005 5/81 7/16Plain BoreQUOTE
05XA04251Polyurethane/Polypropylene426005 5/81 7/16DelrinQUOTE
05TM05201Phenolic (Standard)5210006 1/21 5/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05TM05251Phenolic (Standard)5210006 1/21 5/8DelrinQUOTE
05HT05201Hi-Temp Nylon5210006 1/21 5/8Straight RollerQUOTE
05XI05251X-treme Solid Polyurethane 5210006 1/21 5/8DelrinQUOTE
05XP05251X-treme Plus Solid Polyurethane5212006 1/21 5/8DelrinQUOTE
05TH05201Phenolic (Straight Sided)5210006 1/21 5/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05NG05201Maxim5210006 1/21 5/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05TH05251Phenolic (Straight Sided)5210006 1/21 5/8DelrinQUOTE
05XP05201X-treme Plus Solid Polyurethane 5212006 1/21 5/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XI05201X-treme Solid Polyurethane5210006 1/21 5/8Stainless Steel Roller QUOTE
05RW05241Hi-Temp Polypropylene526506 1/21 5/8Plain BoreQUOTE
05XS05201X-tra Soft Rubber (Flat Tread)525006 1/21 5/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XS05251X-tra Soft Rubber (Flat Tread)525006 1/21 5/8DelrinQUOTE
05PM05228Polyurethane (Round Tread)5210006 1/21 5/8Precision Ball QUOTE
05NG05251Maxim5210006 1/21 5/8DelrinQUOTE
05PB05251Polypropylene525506 1/21 5/8DelrinQUOTE
05XA05201Polyurethane/Polypropylene527506 1/21 5/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05PB05201Polypropylene525506 1/21 5/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XA05251Polyurethane/Polypropylene527506 1/21 5/8DelrinQUOTE
05XR06251X-tra Soft Rubber (Round Tread)624507 1/21 7/8DelrinQUOTE
05XR06201X-tra Soft Rubber (Round Tread)624507 1/21 7/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XS06251X-tra Soft Rubber (Flat Tread)626007 1/21 7/8DelrinQUOTE
05TM06251Phenolic (Standard)6212007 1/21 7/8DelrinQUOTE
05HT06201Hi-Temp Nylon6212007 1/21 7/8Straight RollerQUOTE
05NG06201Maxim6212007 1/21 7/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05TH06251Phenolic (Straight Sided)6212007 1/21 7/8DelrinQUOTE
05TH06201Phenolic (Straight Sided)6212007 1/21 7/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05PM06228Polyurethane (Round Tread)6212007 1/21 7/8Precision BallQUOTE
05XP06201X-treme Plus Solid Polyurethane6212007 1/21 7/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XP06251X-treme Plus Solid Polyurethane6212007 1/21 7/8DelrinQUOTE
05NG06251Maxim6212007 1/21 7/8DelrinQUOTE
05TM06201Phenolic (Standard)6212007 1/21 7/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05PB06251Polypropylene626507 1/21 7/8DelrinQUOTE
05XI062501X-treme Solid Polyurethane6210007 1/21 7/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XS06201X-tra Soft Rubber (Flat Tread)626007 1/21 7/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05PB06201Polypropylene626507 1/21 7/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05RW06241Hi-Temp Polypropylene627007 1/21 7/8Plain BoreQUOTE
05XI062551X-treme Solid Polyurethane6210007 1/21 7/8DelrinQUOTE
05XA06201Polyurethane/Polypropylene629007 1/21 7/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XA06251Polyurethane/Polypropylene629007 1/21 7/8DelrinQUOTE
05HT08201Hi-Temp Nylon8212009 1/22 3/8Straight RollerQUOTE
05XI08201X-treme Solid Polyurethane8210009 1/22 3/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XI08251X-treme Solid Polyurethane8210009 1/22 3/8DelrinQUOTE
05TM08251Phenolic (Standard)8212009 1/22 3/8DelrinQUOTE
05NG08251Maxim8212009 1/22 3/8DelrinQUOTE
05XA08201Polyurethane/Polypropylene8210009 1/22 3/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XP08201X-treme Plus Solid Polyurethane 8212009 1/22 3/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XP08251X-treme Plus Solid Polyurethane8212009 1/22 3/8DelrinQUOTE
05TM08201Phenolic (Standard)8212009 1/22 3/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05PM08228Polyurethane (Round Tread)8212009 1/22 3/8Precision BallQUOTE
05XR08201X-tra Soft Rubber (Round Tread)826009 1/22 3/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XR08251X-tra Soft Rubber (Round Tread)826009 1/22 3/8DelrinQUOTE
05NG08201Maxim8212009 1/22 3/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05XS08251X-tra Soft Rubber (Flat Tread)826759 1/22 3/8DelrinQUOTE
05XS08201X-tra Soft Rubber (Flat Tread)826759 1/22 3/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05PB08201Polypropylene828509 1/22 3/8Stainless Steel RollerQUOTE
05PB08251Polypropylene828509 1/22 3/8DelrinQUOTE
05RW08241Hi-Temp Polypropylene829009 1/22 3/8Plain BoreQUOTE
05XA08251Polyurethane/Polypropylene8210009 1/22 3/8DelrinQUOTE