Leveling Casters – HRLK Series

HRLK Series – Leveling Casters

Industrial Top Plate Casters with Integrated True Metric Standards. Leveling Casters- HRLK series transform mobile works equipment and transport units into stable workplace with ease.

Make your mobile equipment stationary with one easy step. The activation lever for the casters doesn’t swivel offering easy access at all times.

Leveling Casters – HRLK series eased towards every market requirements to ensure convenient operation. Here at C.P.Lauman we take pride in vast range of products for every industrial needs.

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SELECT SKUWheel Diameter (mm)Wheel Width (mm)Load Capacity (kg)Total Height (mm)Max Total Height (mm)Plate Size (mm)Bolt Hole Spacing (mm)Offset (mm)Price
HRLK-ALTH-100k100 40 230 140 142 100 X 8580 X 6065 QUOTE
HRLK-ALTH-80K8030180 120122100 X 8580 X 6056QUOTE
HRLK-SPOG-80K80 37 300 120 122 100 X 8580 X 6056 QUOTE
HRLK-POG-100G10037 230140 142100 X 8580 X 6065 QUOTE
HRLK-POG82G8037230120122100 X 8580 X 6056QUOTE