Twin Wheel Casters

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Does your application require high quality twin wheel casters? Choose the most reliable casters from industry leader Shepherd! At C.P. Lauman, we offer an extensive selection of twin wheel Shepherd casters, including Pacer hooded die-cast twin wheel casters, Softech soft tread twin wheel casters, Source II unhooded black nylon or urethane tread twin wheel casters, and Ultima II large twin wheel casters. With so many advanced models to choose from, you’re sure to find the twin wheel caster that suits your unique application.

Featuring unique traits like the Pacer’s zinc body and the Softech’s quiet mobility, each model has benefits and strengths that will help you choose the ideal selection for your specifications. Once you have selected a model, specify your order further by choosing additional options like material, wheel diameter, fastening size, fastening type, and finish, then request a quote to continue the ordering process. If you have questions or require assistance to complete your order, just contact C.P. Lauman and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help.

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