Caster wheels from Colson

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For the widest selection of caster wheels from the industry’s top manufacturers like Colson, choose C.P Lauman! We are New England’s most trusted distributor of casters, wheels, and other motion technology products, and have served the Northeast region for several decades with our extensive product line. We offer a fully stocked our inventory with the best variety of Colson wheels including Colson Hi Tech Polyurethane wheels, Performa Rubber Wheels, Conductive Rubber wheels, cast iron wheels and more!

The Best Selection of Colson Caster Wheels
At C.P Lauman we have built our reputation as the most trusted distributor of an extensive variety of the most popular caster wheels from Colson and other top manufacturers. We provide our valued customers with an unmatched range of caster wheel types in order to satisfy the requirements of their unique industry applications. As the leading caster and wheel distributor throughout the Northeast, and our customers have come to expect the personalized service and custom solutions we offer. Our growing inventory always reflects the exciting innovations in the industry, and we will always be the first place to sell the latest Colson wheels.

We’re Not Just a Distributor, We’re Colson Caster Wheel Experts
Choose from our selection of Colson wheels for the unique requirements of your application. Colson’s popular Hi Tech Polyurethane wheels offer a combination of industrial strength polyurethane with a ribbed core for optimal strength, while Colson Performa Conductive rubber wheels serve as an ideal solution for electronics applications that require conductive wheels to prevent static buildup and discharge. No matter what your needs, C.P Lauman has the ideal Colson wheels for your needs. If you’re unsure about which caster wheel will best suit your needs, simply contact our helpful product specialists and we will be happy to recommend an ideal wheel for your application.

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