Colson Performa Conductive Rubber Wheels


Many computer manufacturers and electronics companies require conductive wheels on assembly carts to eliminate static build-up and discharge. Although conductive caster wheels have existed for years, almost all of them mark floors. Colson has solved this problem with our new selection of Performa Conductive Wheels. These new models combine a soft cushion ride with a non-marking tread design. All wheels feature a cushion grey Performa tread (durometer 65±5 Shore A scale) bonded to a black Polyolefin wheel core. Performa Conductive wheels have been rigorously tested and approved by an independent lab and meet the requirements of federal specification FF-C-88C. This specification requires an average electrical resistance of less than 250,000 ohms.

Temperature range: -45°F to +180°F
Hardness: 75(±5) Durometer Shore A scale.

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SELECT SKUWheel Diameter (Inch)Tread Width (Inch)Capacity (lbs)Bore Size (Inch)Hub Length (Inch)Bearing TypeSpanner Bushing Bore Size (Inch)Spanning Bushing Length (Inch)Price
2.00002.445 COND2-1/21 1/41253/81-1/2BallQUOTE
4.00003.449 COND31 1/22253/41-5/8Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE
2.00003.565 COND3-1/21 5/162103/81-1/2BallQUOTE
2.00003.445 COND3-1/21 1/42253/81-1/2BallQUOTE
2.00004.445 COND41 1/42503/81-1/2BallQUOTE
4.00004.449 COND41 1/22553/41-5/8Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE
3.00004.449 COND41 1/22553/41-5/8Roller3/81-7/8QUOTE
5.00004.465 COND423001/22-7/16BallQUOTE
5.00004.459 COND423001/22-3/16Roller2-7/16QUOTE
2.00005.565 COND51 5/162503/81-1/2BallQUOTE
2.00005.445 COND51 1/42503/81-1/2BallQUOTE
3.00005.449 COND51 1/22803/41-5/8Roller3/81-7/8QUOTE
4.00005.449 COND51 1/22803/41-5/8Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE
5.00005.465 COND523251/22-7/16BallQUOTE
5.00005.459 COND523251/22-3/16Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE
4.00006.449 COND61 1/23003/41-5/8Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE
3.00006.449 COND61 1/23003/41-5/8Roller3/81-7/8QUOTE
5.00006.559 COND624101/22-3/16Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE
5.00006.565 COND624101/22-7/16BallQUOTE
5.00006.459 COND624101/22-3/16Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE
5.00006.465 COND624101/22-3/16BallQUOTE
4.00008.449 COND81 1/23503/41-5/8Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE
5.00008.565 COND825001/22-7/16BallQUOTE
5.00008.459 COND825001/22-3/16Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE
5.00008.465 COND825001/22-3/16BallQUOTE
5.00008.559 COND825001/22-3/16Roller1/22-7/16QUOTE