Darcor Super Roll Neoprene Wheels

Neoprene Tread Symbol “SR”
Durometer – Shore 62 “A”

The “SR” wheels offer the same quality as the neoprene wheel but with a low profile tread for easier swiveling and very low rolling resistance.

  • Shore Hardness 59-63 “A” Scale
  • Non marking and non staining
  • Temperature ranges 300°F for 20 minutes, 175°F for 1 hour
  • Highly resistant to wax,oils,greases,cleaning compounds,weather and ozone.
  • Can be used on all floor surface.
  • Does not flat spot when sitting for long periods under load.

*All Darcor “SR” wheels are mold-on wheels with a neoprene tread thermally bonded to a glass fiber reinforced nylon core for exceptional strength, impact resistance and outstanding rollability.

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SELECT SKUWheel Diameter (Inch)Tread Width (Inch)Capacity (lbs)Bore I.D. (Inch)Hub Length (Inch)Price
W-62.5-XSR2-1/21 3/81753/81-1/2QUOTE
W-63.5-XSR3-1/21 3/82253/81-1/2QUOTE
W-64-XSR41 3/82253/81-1/2QUOTE
W-74-XSR41 3/83003/81-3/4QUOTE
W-75-XSR51 3/83503/81-3/4QUOTE
W-65-XSR51 3/82753/81-1/2QUOTE
W-76-XSR61 1/24003/81-3/4QUOTE