Furniture Sliders

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Rearrange your house or office with ease with high quality furniture sliders from C.P. Lauman. There’s not need to try to lift your heavy furniture when you want to clean or redesign your home. At C.P. Lauman, we offer the most extensive selection of furniture sliders, including commercial grade furniture sliders, slip-on furniture sliders, and several other styles of conventional sliders. Whether you’re purchasing sliders for your whole office, for a room in your home, or for just one piece of furniture, the motion technology experts at C.P. Lauman will be happy to help.

Why Buy Furniture Sliders?
Furniture sliders can add convenience to your life by making all types of furniture easier to move on wood floors or carpeting. Conventional furniture sliders come in almost every shape to accommodate the varying feet and bases of household and office furniture. Conventional furniture sliders offer the benefit of moving furniture quickly and easy, without the stress of heavy lifting. If your furniture will be in a rougher commercial or industrial environment, Commercial grade furniture sliders might be the best available option. They offer a heavy adhesive and a moldable pad which keeps the sliders in place in places like hotels, schools, and bars. For the ability to protect furniture without adhering a slider, choose slip-on furniture sliders, which are ideal for events or for real estate staging. Like a cap, these sliders cover the end of each foot for a chair, table, or other piece of furniture to protect both floor and furniture from scuffing and scratching.

Need Furniture Sliders? Let us Help!

At C.P. Lauman, we know motion technology products. That means we understand the complexities of everything from leveling mounts for heavy duty machinery, to furniture sliders for your favorite chair. As experts in our industry, we’re always prepared to answer questions and help our valued customers find products and suit their unique needs. Give us a call to get started, and we’ll help you choose the best furniture sliders for your specific application.

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