Curb Ramps

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If your company utilizes hand trucks for day to day delivery or moving operations, then it makes sense to order high quality, reliable curb ramps. Here at CP Lauman, we offer an extensive range of route distribution products, including the equipment and accessories you require for your various applications. We take pride in our ability to offer versatility in our product line, so when you shop for curb ramps you can select between aluminum or molded models.

Rugged, Dependable Curb Ramps

When you buy the curb ramps required for your company’s day to day delivery and moving operations, you should never have to question the quality of the equipment. When you choose to work with C.P Lauman, you will not only have the sense of security that comes from buying from a company with more than 75 years in the industry; you’ll also have access to an endless amount of helpful product information and industry expertise. C.P. Lauman not only guarantees a stress-free ordering experience, we always take the time to learn your specific needs so we can offer the products and information that will best suit your needs.

Molded or Aluminum Curb Ramps

Now that you’ve explored the curb ramp options available to you, your next step is to decide whether you require molded or aluminum curb ramps. Both models are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and a punched design for traction. Aluminum curb ramps offer a powder coated finish for improved resistance to corrosion and have a capacity of up to 750lbs. Both models have downloadable PDFs for additional information. If you’re unsure about which curb ramp will be ideal for your application, simply contact CP Lauman, and our knowledgeable representative will be happy to help.

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