Stair Climbing Hand Trucks

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When you do business with C.P Lauman, you can rely on our more than 75 years of industry experience and expertise, along our unwavering reputation of excellence. Since our incorporation in 1941, we have served companies in every industry with the most innovative motion technology products like Liftkar Powered Stair Climbing hand trucks. These versatile durable, high quality snack food trucks offer the ideal combination of strength, durability, and seamless handling on stairs. When you order from C.P Lauman, you can also get the stair climbing hand truck accessories to help make your day to day operations even simpler.

Streamlined, Lightweight, and User-Friendly

Add enhanced functionality to your everyday operations with stair climbing hand trucks. These innovative hand trucks make for faster and safer deliveries on stairs by reducing the force needed to move loads up and down stairs. When you purchase stair climbing hand trucks for your company, you’ll see the return on your investment in the form of decreased back injuries and lowered Worker’s Compensation costs. The durable and lightweight aluminum frame and streamlined ergonomic design helps to reduce user fatigue and increase driver retention. The unique design even features a curved-back frame for harder to carry items like kegs and cylinders.

Stair Climbing Hand Trucks and Accessories

If you’re planning to order a Liftkar Powered Stair Climbing hand truck, you’ll also want to stock up on helpful accessories that add versatility and increased functionality

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