High Quality Walk Ramps

If your cargo, moving, and delivery operations require the use of hand trucks, then walk ramps are an integral addition to your standard equipment inventory. At C.P Lauman, we offer the high-quality walk ramps you require to increase the efficiency of your cargo loading and unloading operations. To offer you unmatched versatility and meet your needs, we offer an extensive range of walk ramps.

Walk Ramps

When you select the ideal required for your company’s day to day cargo loading and moving operations, you should never have to question the quality of the equipment. In fact, we offer walk ramps with a capacity of up to 2000 lbs! Choosing to work with C.P Lauman ensures that you’ll get the sense of confidence that comes from purchasing from a company with more than 7 decades of experience in the industry. When you shop C.P Lauman, you’ll also have unlimited access to a wealth of helpful product information and industry expertise. C.P. Lauman not only promises a helpful and efficient ordering experience, we are always glad to learn about your specific needs so we can offer the products and information that will best suit your unique application.

Find the Ideal Walk Ramps For Your Needs

Now that you’ve explored the custom walk ramp options available to you, your next step is to choose the features and capabilities you require. Walk ramps are available with either A apron ends or F hook ends. Walk ramps are available in lengths of 6 to 16 inches, and widths of up to 38 inches. If you require more information, a downloadable PDF will help answer your questions. If you’re unsure about which walk ramp will be ideal for your application, simply contact C.P. Lauman, and our helpful representatives will be happy to assist you.

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SELECT SKUWidthLengthCapacityTypePrice
PR-2606-F26"6'2,000 lbs.F hook end$385.30
PR-2607-F26"7'1,800 lbs.F hook end$435.05
PR-2608-F26"8'1,700 lbs.F hook end$476.55
PR-2609-F26"9'1,650 lbs.F hook end$525.50
PR-2610-F26"10'1,500 lbs.F hook end$558.95
PR-2612-F26"12'1,400 lbs.F hook end$666.55
PR-2614-F26"14'1,200 lbs.F hook end$737.10
PR-2616-F26"16'1,000 lbs.F hook end$943.30
PR-2806-F28"6'2,000 lbs.F hook end$397.95
PR-2807-F28"7'1,800 lbs.F hook end$457.65
PR-2808-F28"8'1,700 lbs.F hook end$515.55
PR-2809-F28"9'1,650 lbs.F hook end$540.85
PR-2810-F28"10'1,500 lbs.F hook end$567.95
PR-2812-F28"12'1,400 lbs.F hook end$673.95
PR-2814-F28"14'1,200 lbs.F hook end$718.05
PR-2816-F28"16'1,000 lbs.F hook end$807.25
PR-2806-A28"6'2,000 lbs.A apron end$436.75
PR-2807-A28"7'1,800 lbs.A apron end$505.75
PR-2808-A28"8'1,700 lbs.A apron end$551.55
PR-2809-A28"9'1,650 lbs.A apron end$582.85
PR-2810-A28"10'1,500 lbs.A apron end$629.05
PR-2812-A28"12'1,400 lbs.A apron end$707.80
PR-2814-A28"14'1,200 lbs.A apron end$746.75
PR-2816-A28"16'1,000 lbs.A apron end$828.75
PR-3806-A38"6'2,000 lbs.A apron end$503.85
PR-3807-A38"7'1,800 lbs.A apron end$597.75
PR-3808-A38"8'1,700 lbs.A apron end$626.10
PR-3809-A38"9'1,650 lbsA apron end$675.25
PR-3810-A38"10'1,500 lbs.A apron end$722.15
PR-3812-A38"12'1,400 lbs.A apron end$815.45
PR-3814-A38"14'1,200 lbsA apron end$861.65
PR-3816-A38"16'1,000 lbs.A apron end$979.60
PR-3806-F38"6'2,000 lbs.F hook end$457.65
PR-3807-F38"7'1,800 lbs.F hook end$547.10
PR-3808-F38"8'1,700 lbs.F hook end$587.30
PR-3809-F38"9'1,650 lbs.F hook end$623.10
PR-3810-F38"10'1,500 lbs.F hook end$663.35
PR-3812-F38"12'1,400 lbs.F hook end$776.50
PR-3814-F38"14'1,200 lbs.F hook end$835.95
PR-3816-F38"16'1,000 lbs.F hook end$928.20