Wheels– Ergonomically designed in several styles, including Non-marking tire with precision sealed bearings and recessed bearings.

The B&P Liberator Convertible Hand Truck offers the versatility you need. Your choice of B&P products demonstrates that you understand the importance of reliable equipment and components. Selecting hand truck accessories from a reputable brand like B&P is the only way to guarantee seamless operations without the constant worry of damage and replacement that comes with purchasing from lower quality brands. Here at C.P.Lauman, we work tirelessly to maintain an inventory of high-quality hand truck parts, accessories, and components designed to interface seamlessly with your B&P Liberator Convertible hand trucks.

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8023-01110” Tube only$6.35
8023-03110” Tire only for D5 wheel  4.10/3.50 4 ply$17.05
D6SS10" Lightweight no flat$31.85
D610" Solid poly No flat$37.35
D510" Pneumatic$31.45
D168" Balloon cushion$21.50
D1510" Balloon cushion$24.45