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No matter what industry your company serves, Magliner Hand Trucks and accessories offer the strength and versatility you require for your everyday operations. Your choice of Magliner products proves that you recognize the importance of dependable equipment, parts, and accessories. Selecting hand truck accessories from a reputable brand like Magliner is the only way to guarantee seamless operations without the concern of costly replacement that comes with purchasing from less reputable brands. At C.P Lauman, we are committed to maintaining an extensive inventory of high quality Magliner hand truck parts, accessories, and components built to interface seamlessly with your Magliner hand trucks.

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301121KMagliner Keg hook for #5 frame$25.15
86006Magliner Cast aluminum sliders with replaceable low-friction polymer skid bars-C5$31.45
40011Magliner 68" Extension$20.35
40050Magliner 55" Extension$12.30
40010Magliner 60" Extension$14.60
40008Magliner 52" Extension$10.50
301026Magliner Folding Nose 30" Extruded aluminum channel - F3$47.55
301025Magliner Folding Nose 20" Extruded aluminum channel - F2$42.20
301019MAgliner 24" Folding Nose- F1$71.70
302682Magliner Accessory Bag- Overall 18 inch long x 12 inch wide$30.70
302681Magliner Accessory Bag Overall 16 1/2 inch long x 12 inch wide$29.15
302680Magliner Accessory Bag Overall 13 inch long x 8 inch wide$27.60