Type HX 304 Stainless Steel (Fixed) with Vulcanized Rubber Pad

Type HX Fixed has an optimal design with a hygienic sealing of the base and thread with an extended lag hole to secure the base to a surface. The foot is easy to clean and is approved to be used in the food industry.

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SELECT SKUThread (A) (Inch)Base Dia. (B) (Inch)Thread Length (C) InchTotal Height (D) InchMax Height (E) InchMin Height (F) InchAdjustmentMax Load (lbs)Max Pull (lbs)Slope (Degrees)Price
LPK-HX106-58-605/8-114.13467.556.991.6364945.8 89910$46.75
LPK-HX81-75-603/4-103.1567.536.871.6363372 89910$36.65
LPK-HX81-58-605/8-113.1567.536.971.6363372.13 89910$32.90
LPK-HX81-12-401/2-13 3.1545.535.081.634337289910$29.70