Ancra Cargo/Logisitc- Decking/Shoring Beams

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Maximize space in your van or cargo vehicle with high quality shoring and decking beams. Shoring beams and decking beams are designed for the toughest cargo applications, ensuring the security of cargo and preventing shifting and potential damage. When you work with C.P. Lauman, you’ll have access to decking beams from industry leader, Ancra; a company known for quality and overall product excellence. Ancra decking beams are made of durable and lightweight aluminum, offering superior strength for your most demanding applications.

Choose Ancra Cargo/Logistic Decking Beams

If you’re looking for the highest quality decking/shoring beams, C.P. Lauman can help. We offer Ancra E series aluminum decking/shoring beams which are made from extruded high-strength aluminum, designed to give maximum strength at the least possible weight. Ancra beams feature a patented flat latch mechanism, easier to release even when wearing gloves.

Work with C.P. Lauman

When you choose to work with C.P. Lauman, you gain a partner who is committed to providing the utmost quality by staying up to date with the latest product innovations. This unwavering standard ensures that we can meet the unique requirements of the various industries we serve. Custom decking beams will not only suit your unique needs, they will give you peace of mind as you carry out your day to day cargo operations. As an industry leader in cargo products, C.P Lauman aims to provide every customer with the best ordering experience, while informing them about the unique details of the products they require. Call today to get started!

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