Ancra Logistic Straps

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If you're shopping for quality logistic straps that add security to your moving and cargo application, look no further. C.P. Lauman offers an extensive selection of logistic straps made by Ancra, one of the best-known manufacturers of cargo equipment in the industry. Designed for securing interior cargo vans, logistic straps give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your cargo isn't going anywhere until you unload it.

Reliable Logistic Straps Offer Security and Strength
When you shop C.P. Lauman, you can choose between high-quality logistic cam straps and ratchet straps. All Ancra logistic straps are designed to satisfy most interior van cargo securement requirements, making them easy to tailor to your application and use again and again. The logistic straps are 2″ wide and offer a 4 foot fixed end.

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