Hygienic Leveling Mounts

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Our New Hygienic Leveling Mounts make up the all new product line at C.P.Lauman.
These durable industrial quality Leveling Mounts can be used in light, medium and heavy weight Industrial Machinery. Large variety of styles and materials are available which include Stainless Steel, Stainless steel with Vulcanized Rubber, USDA Models.

USDA approved leveling Mounts are stainless steel construction with a sealed nut and joint make them perfect choice for hygiene critical applications in the medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Features and Advantages:

1) Leveling mount in stainless hygienic design with rubber base for vibration reduction and anti-slip properties.
2) Designed for heavy load in harsh environments under tough conditions.
3) Machine leveling feet and stainless feet in hygienic design.
4) The spindles are smooth at the end towards the base and the threads are protected by a holster to ensure easy cleaning.

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