4 Series Colson Medium Heavy Duty Casters

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4 series medium heavy duty Colson casters offered at C.P. Lauman, , one of the most popular brands in the caster industry. 4 series medium heavy duty Colson casters provide the unique combination of strength and impressive features, including a durable zinc plating, full double bar hardened raceways, ½ inch zero axle, ¼ inch top plate, ⅝ rivet king pin construction, reinforcing washer on lower raceway, and the “Colson 45” multi-temp grease which lubricates the caster in extreme temperatures. With this combination of impressive features, these medium heavy duty casters are well suited for applications in numerous industries.

To choose the ideal 4 series medium heavy duty Colson caster for your application, select wheel diameter, material, wheel bearing type, load capacity, and load height, then request a quote. C.P. Lauman is always happy to offer product information and answer your questions in order to help you choose the best caster for your needs.

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