Office Chair Darcor Casters

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High quality office chair casters can make a noticeable difference in offices of all sizes. The best office chair casters offer advanced mobility and unique features that make them suitable for all types of office floors, including carpeted. Here at C.P. Lauman, we carry two models of office chair casters by industry leader, Darcor. Carpet Master casters offer unmatched functionality in carpeted offices, while the popular Eternity II is ideal for hard floors like wood, tile, and cement. Each model offers its own unique set of traits and benefits, ensuring that you’ll find a caster that meets the needs of your specific office type.

Once you’ve selected the office chair caster model that best suits your office, select the material of your choice then request a quote. If you need additional assistance before placing your order, or you have questions about the differences between these two innovative office chair caster varieties, simply call C.P. Lauman. Our helpful product specialists will do their best to help.

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