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If you’re looking for pallet jacks for your cargo loading or moving application, you’ve come to the right place. At C.P Lauman, our extensive product line is designed to work, to last, and to out-perform other pallet jacks. Our pallet jacks come with a 2 year warranty and feature details that make them the most reliable in the industry. Each pallet jack is designed for strength and ease of use, featuring polyurethane load and steering wheels and rubber coated handle for a comfortable and secure grip. The pallet jacks we sell are designed for optimal performance in even the most demanding conditions, with an impressive 5,500 lb capacity and adjustable fork connecting rods that make them suitable for applications in any industry. Our high quality pallet jacks can be used for moving loads of all sizes. Not sure if our pallet jacks will suit your needs? Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss your unique application to ensure that our pallet jack can get the job done.

A Tradition of Excellence
For more than 75 years, we have served companies in all of New England’s most lucrative industries with high quality equipment. We’ve earned a reputation as the top distributor of motion technology products including  leveling mounts, pallet jacks, casters, wheels, and cargo equipment. C.P Lauman is committed to continuing our tradition of unmatched quality, excellence in service, and helpful industry expertise. We value our customers and always take their needs into consideration as we expand our inventory. In doing so, we have earned the trust and continued business of customers in every industry. As a family-owned company with many generations of industry experience, we have curated an impressive inventory comprised of the most popular products from industry’s most trusted manufacturers.  

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PRP-3606-SP1Pallet Jack Curb Ramp$712.00
272949Pallet Jack Stop$47.00
272660Pallet Jack$385.00