Protective Felt Strips

Protective Felt Strips have unlimited uses: they protect walls from damage caused by moving carts and protect floors from scratches, dents and rust stains. With peel and stick backs, they are easy to apply and will protect all types of hard floors or walls and reduce noise associated with sliding furniture.

Features: Prevent damage to walls caused by moving cartsProtect floors from long flat surfaces like the bottom of a bookcase, a rocking chair, file cabinet, etc.Reduce noise from sliding furniture

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SELECT SKUShapeSize (Inch)Units per PackPrice
010014Strips4-1/2 x 61000$995.00
010011Strips1 x 61000$262.00
010009Strips1 x 41000$198.00
010007Strips1/2 x 61000$177.00
010005Strips1/2 x 41000$141.00
010023Rolls1-1/2 x 60100$526.00
010020Rolls1 x 60100$462.00
010017Rolls1/2 x 60100$296.50
010013Strips4-1/2 x 6100$112.50
010010Strips1 x 6100$36.00
010008Strips1 x 4100$29.50
010006Strips1/2 x 6100$27.00
010004Strips1/2 x 4100$24.50
010022Rolls1-1/2 x 6050$277.00
010019Rolls1 x 6050$243.00
010016Rolls1/2 x 6050$158.00
010012Strips4-1/2 x 650$63.00
010021Rolls1-1/2 x 6020$117.00
010018Rolls1 x 6020$103.00
010015Rolls1/2 x 6020$69.00