Slip-On® Furniture Sliders

Slip-On® Furniture Sliders protect carpets and allow furniture to slide across carpets easily. Using Slip On® Furniture Sliders extends the life of furniture by reducing stress on joints. They slip over round or square legs and stay put without adhesive. Use Slip-On® Furniture Sliders to stay on where others fail.

Use Commercial Grade Sliders to
• Slide furniture easily across carpets
• Reduce furniture damage by alleviating stress on joints
• Protect carpets from snags and tears
• Extend the life of original furniture glide

Recommended for
Carpets and ceramic tile

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SELECT SKUColorSize (Inch)Units per PackPrice
236-1KBrown Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/21000$1,191.00
236-BBrown Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/2100$150.50
236-48Brown Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/248$77.50
235-1KBrown Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/41000$1,124.00
235-BBrown Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/4100$142.50
235-48Brown Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/448$74.00
230-1KGray Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/21000$1,191.00
230-BGray Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/2100$150.50
230-48Gray Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/248$77.50
229-1KGray Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/41000$1,124.00
229-BGray Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/4100$142.50
229-48Gray Sleeve with Gray Slider1-1/448$74.00