Steel Caster Wheels

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Choose C.P Lauman for the best variety of steel caster wheels for your most demanding applications. We serve industries throughout New England with the widest selection of top quality caster wheels from the industry’s most highly regarded manufacturers like Albion, the maker of Flanged Caster Wheels and Dropped Forge Caster Wheels. As New England’s most recognized distributor of motion technology products like casters and wheels, we have proudly served businesses in the Northeast region with our extensive product line for several decades. In addition to our fully stocked inventory, we have built our reputation by providing our customers with helpful service and responsive communication, ensuring their satisfaction through every step of the process.

The Industry Leader in Steel Caster Wheels

Since our incorporation more than 75 years ago, C.P Lauman has worked to build a carefully curated inventory of the most popular wheels and casters, allowing us to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, in a wide range of different industries. We provide our valued customers with an extensive range of customizable steel caster wheels in order to satisfy the requirements of their unique industry applications. Albion Flanged Caster wheels are available with the choice of face diameter, flange width, capacity, bearing size and type. Albion Dropped Forge Steel Caster wheels offer a capacity of up to 20000 lbs and can be customized by material, wheel diameter, bearing type and tread width to suit your application. At C.P. Lauman our customers have come to expect the highly personalized service and custom products we provide. Our ever-growing inventory has always reflected the latest innovations in the industry, ensuring that we are always the first place to sell the latest and best steel caster wheels.

Custom is Our Specialty
Choose from our customizable variety of Albion steel caster wheels for the unique requirements of your industry and application. We only sell the finest quality wheels, made to last and perform well in even the most demanding conditions. Albion dropped forged steel caster wheels are manufactured with a hot forging process which improved ductility and tensile strength, making them ideal for even the most abusive applications. Albion flanged caster wheels (FL and FD series) can withstand a capacity of up to 3000 lbs and offer multiple bore sizes for your unique needs. No matter what you require, C.P Lauman can provide you with the ideal steel caster wheels for your application. If you’re struggling to decide which caster wheel will best suit your specifications, we would be happy to help! Simply contact us and our helpful product specialists will be happy to recommend an ideal wheel for your requirements.

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