Tapped Style Leveling Mounts

The Tapped Style Leveler is ideal for heavy-duty loads where a stud is not required. With an Integrated ball and swivel socket, it provides a low-friction support interface. This unique design makes tapped style levelers ideal for cabinets, instruments, machinery and equipment. You can always find the stud style levelers you need from C.P.Lauman! It doesn’t matter what industry your company is in, your machinery and equipment deserves the strongest and most secure leveling mounts. At C.P.Lauman, we are proud to provide our valued customers with both stud and tapped style machine leveling mounts which can be tailored to suit your needs with an extensive range of custom options for your unique specifications.

Special Features
• Low carbon steel with yellow zinc plating or 303 stainless steel
• One-piece machined stud
• Light, medium, and heavy-duty capacities
• Mounts and studs furnished with jam nuts
• Inch thread sizes
• Customize any stud
• Tapped Style Non-Skid

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SELECT SKUMaterialThread
(A) (Inch)
Base Dia.
(B) (Inch)
Hex Size
(E) (Inch)
Max Load (lb)Total Height
(D) (Inch)
TSW-1Steel3/8-161 1/45/837507/8$6.00
TSW-2Steel1/2-131 7/83/450001 1/8$7.30
TSW-3Steel5/8-112 1/27/860001 1/4$11.35
TSW-4Steel3/4-1031 1/1674001 1/2$16.90
TSW-5Steel1-841 3/8200001 7/8$27.60
NTS-1Steel-Non skid3/8-161 1/45/828001$8.00
NTS-2Steel-Non skid1/2-131 7/83/437501 1/4$9.30
NTS-3Steel-Non skid5/8-112 1/27/845001 3/8$13.35
NTS-4Steel-Non skid3/4-1031 1/1655501 5/8$18.15
NTS-5Steel-Non skid1-841 3/8150002$29.10
STS-1Stainless Steel3/8-161 1/45/837507/8$11.60
STS-2Stainless Steel1/2-131 7/83/450001 1/8$15.20
STS-3Stainless Steel5/8-112 1/27/860001 1/4$23.20
STS-4Stainless Steel3/4-1031 1/1674001 1/2$39.70
STS-5Stainless Steel1-841 3/8200001 7/8$55.00
NSTS-1Stainless Steel-Non skid3/8-165/828001$13.60
NSTS-2Stainless Steel-Non skid1/2-131 7/83/437501 1/4$17.20
NSTS-3Stainless Steel-Non skid5/8-112 1/27/845001 3/8$25.20
NSTS-4Stainless Steel-Non skid3/4-1031 1/1655501 5/8$34.70
NSTS-5Stainless Steel-Non skid1-841 3/8150002$57.00